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Savings Plans

Vantage will automatically profile your usage of compute resources like EC2, Lambda and AWS Fargate to give you recommendations for exactly how much in Savings Plans you should buy to save money.

Reserved Instances

If you're using services like Elasticache, RDS, Redshift or ElasticSearch, Vantage will give you specific recommendations for what reserved instances you should buy to save money.

Stranded Resources

Not using things like Elastic IPs, EBS Volumes, Workspaces or other things that tend to get forgotten and rack up costs? Vantage will automatically find them and inform you to clean them up.

Lifecycle Policies

Pushing endlessly to ECR Repositories or logging indefinitely to CloudWatch Log Groups? Vantage will look at all resources for which a lifecycle or retention policy can be applied to find additional savings.

Much More

Vantage is constantly adding to our library of cost recommendations that will automatically be made available to all Vantage customers at no additional charge.

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