Panther Labs Optimizes Margin and COGS Per Customer

About Panther Labs

Panther Labs is a cybersecurity company specializing in cloud-scale detection and response. Panther provides capabilities for early threat detection, log analysis, conducting breach investigations and more using Python, which offers a scalable architecture that’s easy to deploy and analyze across large amounts of data. Panther can easily meet the security needs of growing enterprises migrating to the cloud without requiring a large team of practitioners.

The Challenge

Panther Labs is an industry leading provider of highly scalable and easy to use threat detection and response software. Being a security company, each customer is granted single-tenant deployments to ensure isolation and compliance. As a result, each customer represents its own infrastructure workloads and understanding costs on a per-customer basis was a difficult problem. Ensuring infrastructure per customer is optimized directly impacts Panther Labs’ gross margin and their ability to effectively price contracts with their customers.

The Solution

Panther Labs now utilizes Vantage to solve all of its cost transparency challenges. With Vantage, Panther Labs can:

  1. Easily create Cost Reports to filter costs for each customer to report on and analyze costs on a per-customer basis.
  2. Easily see all of the costs associated with each resource broken down by cost category daily.
  3. Optimize AWS Savings Plan commitment coverage across a mix of different compute types.