Guide • Nov 17, 2021
Price to Performance Considerations for EC2 Generational Upgrades

Newer generation EC2 instances not only give you better performance but oftentimes represent a significant decrease in price. In many cases...

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Feature • Nov 9, 2021
Vantage Launches Overview: An Organization-Wide Dashboard of Cost Metrics

Vantage users now have a central dashboard for teams to get high level visibility on the cost metrics their organizations care about most.

Feature • Oct 26, 2021
Vantage Launches Slack Support For Cost Report Notifications

Vantage users can now add a Slack webhook to their Vantage account and receive daily, weekly or monthly reports of their cloud costs in their team's Slack channels.

Education • Oct 20, 2021
Profiling 25,000 S3 Buckets: The Billion Dollar Opportunity for Cloudflare R2

Cloudflare's recent announcement for their S3 competitor, cleverly named R2, has been a major point of discussion in the infrastructure community. While there has been a lot of chatter, Cloudflare R2 still isn't generally

Feature • Oct 19, 2021
Vantage Launches Kubernetes Support

Today Vantage announces the launch of Kubernetes support: the ability for customers in Business and Custom tiers using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) to see Kubernetes service level costs. Vantage will...

Feature • Oct 19, 2021
Vantage Launches Filter Sets: Define Complex Queries for Cost Reporting

Today Vantage announces the launch of Filter Sets: a powerful set of reporting and filtering tools. Filter Sets give you the ability to chain conditions together to combine multiple segments of infrastructure costs...

Feature • Sep 23, 2021
Vantage Launches Advanced Analytics: See the Cost of Each Individual AWS Resource

Today Vantage announces the launch of Advanced Analytics: a new suite of analytics that gives Vantage customers the cost of each individual AWS resource. Upon opting-in, Advanced Analytics gives customers the ability to see...

Guide • Sep 23, 2021
Save 20% on EBS Costs by Migrating from GP2 to GP3

Spending money on public cloud infrastructure isn't a bad thing - but spending wasteful money definitely is. AWS is known for consistently releasing not only new features but also adding updates to existing products. In December of...

Feature • Sep 8, 2021
Vantage Offers Monthly Bill Reviews for AWS Customers

Today, Vantage announces that Vantage customers with over $7,500 per month in AWS costs have the option to review their AWS bill with representatives from the Vantage team as often as once per month. Customers can book a call from the Vantage console...

Education • Aug 30, 2021
Using CloudFormation StackSets to Onboard Hundreds of Member AWS Accounts

In the previous post we talked about how Vantage quickly and securely connects to users' AWS accounts. Immediately after connecting the root account the user can see all their cost data and begin exploring Cost...