Content • Nov 30, 2023
How AWS is Using Capacity Blocks to Alleviate the GPU Shortage

Capacity Blocks provide greater availability and cost savings for short-term GPU needs.

Feature • Nov 30, 2023
Announcing the Official Vantage Kubernetes Integration

The Vantage Kubernetes agent provides a single in-cluster deployment that handles both metrics collection and upload to Vantage—without any intermediary requirements.

FinOps • Nov 27, 2023
Future-Proofing Your Tagging Strategy

When it comes time to revamp or redo your company's tagging strategy, here's how to make sure your solution will last.

Content • Nov 22, 2023
Evaluating M7-Flex Instances to Replace T Series

M7i-Flex instances offer superior performance and greater cost-effectiveness across various use cases

Feature • Nov 21, 2023
Vantage Launches Automatic Team Assignment for SSO Authentication

Automatically assign users to teams in Vantage based on your organization's existing SSO groups.

Feature • Nov 16, 2023
Vantage Launches Support for Confluent Costs

Vantage now supports Confluent, the latest cloud provider to be integrated for a complete view of cloud costs.

Content • Nov 15, 2023
AWS Reserved Instance Contagion

An important update on recent changes to the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace.

Content • Nov 14, 2023
Inactive VPNs: A Hidden Cost in Your Infrastructure

Inactive VPNs could be costing you thousands - here is how to check for them.

Content • Nov 8, 2023
Snowflake Materialized View: Striking a Cost-Performance Balance

Strike a balance between cost and performance in your Snowflake data warehouse.

Content • Nov 7, 2023
BigQuery Cost per Query Visibility with Labels

Unleash the power of BigQuery labels to effortlessly track and optimize your data queries, one label at a time.