Content • Sep 29, 2022
Confluent vs Amazon MSK: Pricing Considerations

A pricing comparison for managed Apache Kafka providers.

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Feature • Sep 27, 2022
Vantage Launches Cost Anomaly Alerts

Monitor costs to surface if a cost category is deviating from its normal usage.

Content • Sep 22, 2022
A View of Growing ARM Adoption on AWS Lambda

AWS saved Lambda customers a lot of money with these new features.

Content • Sep 9, 2022
Fixing Commitment Issues for RIs and Savings Plans on AWS

A playbook for fixing unused discounts on AWS.

Content • Sep 6, 2022
Understanding the CUR Schema and File

Cost and Usage reports provide the most detailed billing data available on AWS.

Feature • Aug 23, 2022
Vantage Launches Cost Report Amortization Support

Cost Reports will automatically amortize upfront payments day-by-day for the period of the upfront fee.

Feature • Aug 16, 2022
Vantage Launches Autopilot Controls

Autopilot Controls give customers the ability to view and adjust settings for Autopilot to fine-tune reserved instance purchases.

Feature • Aug 9, 2022
Vantage Launches Budgets

Now Vantage will display your budget data right alongside spend and forecasts so you can easily track your spend to plan inside of one tool.

Content • Aug 5, 2022
Finding Expensive Queries in Snowflake by Calculating Cost per Query

Most businesses have certain queries that drive a majority of their costs. We cover methods to identify and track them.

Feature • Aug 2, 2022
Vantage Launches Snowflake Support

Snowflake costs, including cost per query and per user, are now available in Vantage.