🚀 Vantage Launches Issues: Track Issues and Collaborate with your Team
Feature • May 19, 2022
Vantage Launches Showback Support through Percentage Based Cost Allocation

When creating filters on Cost Reports, customers can now choose to allocate only a percentage of those costs to appear on a Cost Report.

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Feature • May 17, 2022
Vantage Launches Fastly Support

Vantage now supports Fastly, the first cloud service provider to be available in the Vantage console.

Content • May 13, 2022
CloudFront vs Fastly: Pricing Considerations

For this comparison, we’ll match Fastly against CloudFront to see who can deliver the most bytes the fastest for the least cost.

Content • May 11, 2022
AWS Cost Explorer Recipes

These tricks and operations will guide you through the difficult parts of understanding cloud costs.

Feature • May 4, 2022
Vantage now Integrates with Terraform Cloud by HashiCorp

Vantage now integrates with Terraform Cloud in partnership with HashiCorp. As customers make infrastructure changes, Vantage can post their costs directly...

Feature • Apr 28, 2022
Vantage Launches Issues: Teams can Coordinate and Collaborate on Cost Issues

Today Vantage announces the launch of Issues: the ability for teams to coordinate and collaborate on cost issues within the Vantage console. Customers can now

Feature • Apr 27, 2022
Coverage: The Most Important Metric in Cloud Costs

Coverage is the percentage of cloud resources covered by up-front financial commitments. On AWS, coverage materializes...

Feature • Apr 14, 2022
Vantage Launches Support for Kubernetes Cost Reporting and Filtering

Today Vantage announces the launch of Kubernetes Cost Reporting which allows customers creating Cost Reports to filter on specific Kubernetes services, labels or namespaces. As customers...

Feature • Apr 12, 2022
Vantage Launches Grouped Charts

Today Vantage announces the launch of “Group By” functionality on Cost Reports. This gives customers the ability to group cost data by dimensions such as AWS Service, AWS Account or GCP Project...

Education • Mar 23, 2022
Guide: Save 10%+ on RDS by Switching to AWS Graviton

Amazon launched their ARM-based chip, nicknamed Graviton, within the last few years. Since its release AWS customers have...