About us

Vantage is a team of product managers, designers and engineers committed to providing a superior developer experience for public cloud.

We're applying what we've learned from our combined experience at AWS and DigitalOcean, and reimagining what the experience of the cloud can be.
We are a globally distributed team with our headquarters and leadership based in New York City.

Vantage is backed by world-class investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Calvin French Owen (Co-Founder, Segment), Ben and Moisey Uretsky (Co-Founders, DigitalOcean), Stephanie and Nat Friedman, Brianne Kimmel (worklife vc) and Julia Lipton.

Our values


User security is a cornerstone of every decision we make.

Kindness & Respect

We respect you, the customer. We default to respect.


Your infrastructure should be coherent and intelligible.

Delivering value

Every day our goal is to find and deliver value.


We want to save you time with every product and feature we ship.


Know what you have, what you're paying for and why.


To see our open roles, please visit our careers page or send an email to us at jobs@vantage.sh.

Contact us

Currently, the best way to get ahold of the team for all matters is contacting support@vantage.sh. Your email will be routed to the appropriate member of our team.

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