Vantage has acquired
February 9, 2021

Two things that aren’t changing are (1) customers are always going to want simpler ways to interact with their cloud infrastructure and (2) they’re always going to want tools to understand where their cloud costs are coming from to make better business decisions. Vantage is aiming to help with both of these challenges but customers also use other tools to help make informed business decisions. One of the most popular tools we found people using is and today I’m happy to announce that is joining forces with Vantage.

How to see S3 Bucket request metrics, egress and costs
February 2, 2021

One consistent piece of feedback we hear from AWS customers using S3 is that its very difficult to understand where costs are coming from. S3 charges for storage of the underlying objects, requests on the bucket and for the egress of traffic out of a bucket. To add to the complexity there are different rates for different storage classes, different rates for different request type (i.e., GET vs POST) and the rates change depending on what region the bucket is in. Lastly, AWS doesn't enable metrics for even seeing some of this data by default so you're responsible to get things configured and keep track.

How to find all resources in an AWS account
December 11, 2020

Finding all resources in an AWS account is a use-case that regularly pops up from AWS customers. With over 100 different and unique AWS service dashboards and a different AWS console for each region, its difficult to find a comprehensive list of everything running in an account.

Raising the bar for the Route53 console
February 2, 2021

If you’re a Route53 user, you’re probably not surprised that we’re trying to improve it after the latest UX updates from AWS. Before we get into how you can save time and frustration using Vantage, let’s take a not-so-wonderful look at using Route53 in AWS...

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