Connecting AWS...


Rich resource-level reporting and optimization with Autopilot

Connecting AWS...

Better than Cost Explorer

Per-resource costs for every service with ARNs and proper attribution of Savings Plans and RIs to linked accounts. No need to add engineers to the AWS Console Billing account.

Autopilot—Save 50% on EC2

Automatic Reserved Instance management with no infrastructure changes or impacts to cash flow. Also available for RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift, and OpenSearch.

Cost Recommendations

Vantage will constantly monitor your environments to surface recommendations over time as your infrastructure evolves and changes.

Active Resource Reports

Vantage will profile all regions and all AWS services to give you an inventory of all resources costing you money.

Savings Planner

Perform what-if analysis and scenario planning by modeling Savings Plans purchases. Share models with other members on your team.

AWS Documentation

Want to read more about how AWS works with Vantage?
Read the product documentation below.

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AWS Cost Guides

The Cloud Cost Handbook is a community supported guide
with tips and tricks for optimizing AWS costs

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