Connecting Datadog...


View monitoring costs alongside cloud costs in one place

Connecting Datadog...

Forecasting for APM, Container Monitoring, Observability and more

Each Cost Report generates a forecast using machine learning to project where your bill will end up by the end of the month.

Datadog Cost Recommendations

Save money by optimizing your Datadog spend through automated cost recommendations.

Telemetry and cloud costs in one place

Combine each of your Datadog services with infrastructure costs on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Cross provider tagging

Vantage ingests Datadog tags so you can apply the same tags to your main infrastructure and to Datadog to get a unified view of costs.

Datadog Documentation

Want to read more about how Datadog works with Vantage?
Read the product documentation below.

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Datadog Cost Guides

The Cloud Cost Handbook is a community supported guide
with tips and tricks for optimizing Datadog costs

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