Cost Reports

An intuitive and easy to use cost tool that provides complex reporting.

Cost Reports

Slice and dice your cost
data for any use-case
using Filter Sets

Set filters for your infrastructure to see day-by-day cost trends for service, business unit, tag or member account. Chain complex filtering logic together to cover any reporting use-case.
Cost Reports

powered forecasting

Each Cost Report generates a forecast by looking at your infrastructure cost trends to project out where your bill will end up by the end of the month. Forecasts have confidence intervals that will adjust every day as your infrastructure changes to help you understand where you’ll end up.
Cost Reports

Stay up-to-date with
cost notifications

Ensure the right people on your team receive regular cost progress reports by E-Mail, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. You can adjust notifications to come in daily, weekly or monthly.
Cost Reports

Showback shared costs with
percent based cost allocation.

Split support costs, multi-tenant databases, or any cost category across teams for more accurate reporting and forecasting.
Cost Reports

cost reporting

Aggregate costs by account, service, tag and other dimensions in the same view.

Cost Reports Documentation

Read more about Cost Reports
in the product documentation below.

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