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Teams using Vantage save 50% on their cloud bill in the first 30 days.

Democratizing Access to Data

Mike Norton, VP of Cloud Services at PBS, notes, “The biggest thing we've solved [with Vantage] is being able to put data into the hands of the teams that are responsible for it.”

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How PBS Went Beyond Cost Explorer to
Use Vantage for Cost Reporting

When Cost Explorer did not cover all use cases, PBS turned to Vantage to simplify and automate their cost reporting.

Enabling Better Business Decisions

"Vantage as a tool across Block has been able to let folks know where they might be able to improve, but also to just improve their general knowledge of the cloud," notes Youssef Ibrahim, Cloud Economics Lead at Block. "Vantage helps make those conversations easier. It helps engineers ask better questions that lead to better business decisions as well."

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Barstool Sports Saves 50% and Centralizes
Costs from AWS, Snowflake, Datadog,
and Fastly in Vantage

With Vantage, Barstool Sports can associate AWS costs
with accompanying third party costs to properly configure
resources across providers.

Slicing Costs by Different Perspectives

Warrick St. Jean, Director of Cloud Solutions at PBS, highlights the significance of Vantage cost allocation segments, enabling precise cost allocation for teams. He notes, “The cloud becomes really powerful, and the work becomes really interesting when you start to look at different perspectives.”

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Bodygram Reduces AI Costs Using Vantage

With Vantage, Bodygram can identify stranded resources that can be eliminated and prioritize services with the highest costs for cost optimization.

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