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Teams using Vantage save 50% on their cloud bill in the first 30 days.

How PBS went Beyond Cost Explorer to
use Vantage for Cost Reporting

When Cost Explorer did not cover all use cases, PBS turned to Vantage to simplify and automate their cost reporting.

Barstool Sports saves 50% and centralizes
costs from AWS, Snowflake, Datadog,
and Fastly in Vantage

With Vantage, Barstool Sports can associate AWS costs
with accompanying third party costs to properly configure
resources across providers.

Panther Labs Optimizes Margin
and COGS Per Customer

Panther Labs uses a single tenant per customer and tracks costs for each account with Vantage.

Bodygram reduces AI costs using Vantage

With Vantage, Bodygram can identify stranded resources that can be eliminated and prioritize services with the highest costs for cost optimization.

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