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Ultimate Cost Visibility

Cost Reports are easy to use dashboards that provide
complex reporting and filtering for accrued costs.

Cost Reports

Set filters to see day-to-day cost trends per service, business unit, tag or account. Chain complex logic to cover any reporting use case.


Forecasts have confidence intervals that will adjust every day as your infrastructure changes to help you understand where you will end up.

Notifications and Alerts

Get notified in Slack, Teams, or by email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis about costs and trends. Receive alerts for cost anomalies.

Consolidate Cost Tracking

Connect Multiple Providers

Get visibility and set alerts for these
supported services, with more on the way.


Richer resource-level analytics than Cost Explorer.

Azure >

Track costs across all subscriptions and categories.

Google Cloud >

Report on costs by project, label and service.

Kubernetes >

See which services, labels and namespaces are driving costs.

Snowflake >

See costs per query and per user with predicted usage.

Datadog >

See which services are driving monitoring and telemetry costs.

Fastly >

CDN cost breakdowns alongside compute.

Databricks >

See costs by service, account, and tag alongside AWS, Azure, and GCP costs.

MongoDB Atlas >

View costs by project and cluster plus active MongoDB resources.

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Tools for Engineering,
Finance, and Operations

Optimize with Autopilot

Save 50% on EC2 through automated buying
and selling of Reserved Instances.

No Infrastructure Changes

Autopilot analyzes your EC2 workloads and purchases 3 year, no-upfront reserved instances to save you money.

Autopilot Controls

Control which compute categories or regions Autopilot manages. Manage commitment and infrastructure changes with ease.

Lowest Fees

Autopilot charges 5% of applied savings, 75% less than others. These are your savings and you should keep them.

Cost Tools for
Engineers and Finance

Vantage has features for every step of the cloud cost journey, from visibility to automation.

Resource Inventory

Get a full list of every resource
driving costs.

Cost Recommendations

Vantage surfaces actionable ways of
saving money automatically.

Financial Planning

What-if analysis and scenario planning.
Save and share financial models.

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