❄️ Snowflake Costs are now supported in the Vantage console ->

cloud costs.

Teams using Vantage have saved 50%
on their cloud bill in the first 30 days.



Get up and running in minutes

Ultimate Cost Visibility

Vantage will give you a set of well-designed and easy-to-use dashboards in
under five minutes of registering and connecting your accounts.

  • Cost Reports

    Create cost reports for your organization to monitor, analyze and forecast costs per service or resource.

  • Resource Inventory

    See a full list of all resources across your organization driving costs with our deep service API integrations.

  • Filter Sets

    Use best-in-class, enterprise-grade cost filtering to slice and dice costs to keep an eye on various parts of your infrastructure. Chain complex -AND- and -OR- logic.

Get started in minutes

Connect your AWS, Snowflake, GCP, and Fastly accounts securely with Terraform and OAuth.

Discover cost simplicity

See accrued costs across your organization through a simple-to-use and intuitively designed set of cost dashboards.

Focus on what you do best

Vantage will monitor your costs, send notifications, generate forecasts and surface cost saving recommendations so you can focus on your business.

Explore your costs

Forecast and Plan with Confidence

See exactly where your costs will end up at the end of each month with machine-learning powered
forecasting. Model different scenarios with what-if planning tools.

  • Cost Report Forecasts

    As you create cost reports, forecasts will automatically be created for each service and provider based upon the filters and conditions you set.

  • Savings Plan Coverage

    See what your savings plan coverage is on AWS each month to plan for future commitments.

  • Model Future Compute

    Use Savings Planner to model and save scenarios to share with your team by inputting future compute spend and commitments.

Discover savings

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Feel confident that your money is being well spent as Vantage suggests and applies cost optimizations.

  • Autopilot

    Save 50% on EC2 with Autopilot, automated buying and selling of reserved instances.

  • Committed Use Discounts

    Vantage will ensure you always know how much you can save by using Savings Plans, Reserved Instances or other committed use instruments.

  • Cost Recommendations

    Get specific rightsizing and other resource recommendations with a computed amount you can save for each resource.