Understand your cloud costs

Vantage gives developers the tools they need to analyze, report on and reduce AWS costs.

Here's how it works

Connect in 1 minute

Connect your AWS account in a single command either through provided CloudFormation or Terraform templates.

Enjoy cost simplicity

See accrued costs across your organization through a simple-to-use and intuitively designed set of cost dashboards. Learn more.

Focus on what you do best

Vantage will monitor your costs, send notifications, generate forecasts and surface cost saving recommendations so you can focus on your business.

A simplified experience,
designed to save you time and money

See 100% of accrued costs

Cost Reports allow you to group different parts of your infrastructure together through conditions or using tags.

Per-resource cost analytics

Get more rich analytics than Cost Explorer with Vantage Advanced Analytics.

Get cost saving recommendations

Vantage will automatically profile your account to surface cost saving recommendations - saving up to 30% of your monthly bill.

Enjoy battle tested security

Vantage leverages AWS best practices for securely syncing and storing data.

Connect multiple AWS accounts

Merge multiple accounts into a single Vantage workspace or quickly context switch between them.

Collaborate with your team

Invite as many members of your team at no additional cost. Collaborate together to make better decisions.

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Connect your AWS account and see what Vantage can do for you.

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