Understand your
cloud costs

Stop getting confused by your AWS bill and let Vantage transparently show where your money is going.

Here's how it works

Connect with a click

Connect your AWS account in a single click via the AWS console (or command in the CLI) using a provided CloudFormation template.

See it all come together

In under a minute, you will have all of your services across all regions at your fingertips. You can connect additional AWS accounts too.

Infrastructure enlightenment

Using Views, you will start to see your infrastructure in a new lightViews are meaningful segments that you define and can analyze, revisit and (soon) alert on.

A centralized experience,
designed to save you time and money

Get perspective with Views

Views allow you to group different parts of your infrastructure together through conditions or using tags.

Cost visibility

We'll make it clear what your services are costing you, at both the individual resource and View level.

Cross region visibility

See all of your infrastructure together in once streamlined experience regardless of region

Seriously good search

A search tool that actually works? Groundbreaking. Find what you're looking for quickly and with ease.

Connect multiple AWS accounts

Merge multiple accounts into a single Vantage workspace or quickly context switch between them.

Battle tested security

Leverage AWS best practices for securely syncing and storing data.

Ready to see things differently?

Connect your AWS account and see what Vantage can do for you.

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