Understand your cloud costs

Vantage gives developers the tools they need to analyze, report on and reduce AWS costs.

Something for Everyone

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses Just Like Yours

Organizations ranging from startups to publicly traded companies trust Vantage to manage their cloud costs. Vantage works on behalf of companies all over the globe and across all industries to level-up their cost infrastructure.

Get Started in Minutes

Connect your AWS account in a single command with the provided CloudFormation or Terraform templates.

Enjoy Cost Simplicity

See accrued costs across your organization through a simple-to-use and intuitively designed set of cost dashboards.

Focus on what you do best

Vantage will monitor your costs, send notifications, generate forecasts and surface cost saving recommendations so you can focus on your business.

Cost Reports

See Where Your Costs Are Coming From

An intuitive and easy to use cost tool that provides complex reporting and filtering for accrued costs.
Custom Reports

Create custom cost reports specific to AWS Tags, Member Account or AWS service.

Filter Sets

Chain complex conditions together to handle complex segmentation of costs.

Advanced Analytics

Richer cost analytics than AWS Cost Explorer

See the costs of each individual AWS resource - stop guessing what's driving costs.
Historical trends

See month-over-month trends per AWS-resource for things like S3 Buckets, SQS Queues and SNS Topics.

Breakdown by category

See a breakdown of the resource costs by compute, storage and transit.

Active Resource Inventory

Get a full list of everything driving costs

Vantage syncs with AWS service APIs to give you a point-in-time snapshot of resource run-rates.
Point-in-time run-rates

Vantage will apply point-in-time run-rates to resources for you to see accompanying costs.

Automatic discovery

Vantage will profile all regions gobally to give you a full set of active resources.