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Securely connect in under one minute

Connect in under a minute

Connect your account by running a single command to securely create a read-only Cross Account IAM Role. We have support for CloudFormation, Terraform as well as via the AWS Console.

Read-only by default

No changes will be made to your infrastructure. For added peace of mind you can access our public CloudFormation template here.

See where your costs are coming from

Vantage will automatically show you a simple breakdown of where your costs come from. You can also create new, custom Cost Reports specific to an AWS Tags, Member Account or AWS service. Chain complex conditions together through Filter Sets to get enterprise-grade segmentation of costs.

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Analyze Rich Cost Data With Advanced Analytics

Get richer analytics than AWS Cost Explorer provides by seeing per-resource accrued cost data broken down by category (i.e. Data Transfer) and subcategory(i.e. EU Egress) without the need for you to add additional tags.

See how much every resource (i.e. S3 Buckets, CloudFront distributions, Lambda Functions and more) costs with day-by-day trends broken down by cost subcategory.

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Project costs with machine-learning powered forecasting

Vantage will create costs forecasts for each one of your Cost Reports so you can project out where your spend will be for the month. You'll get a forecast for all costs in total as well as for each individual AWS service.

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Save money with cost recommendations

Vantage will automatically profile all services you're using to recommend ways to save up to 30% of your AWS bill. We provide Savings Plans and Reserved Instance recommendations as well as per AWS service configuration recommendations.

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Always be in the know with alerting

Vantage stays in sync with your connected AWS accounts to maintain an accurate reflection of your infrastructure.

Weekly email reports of your infrastructure

Keep track of your costs and easily to spot anything unexpected.

Alerts (coming soon)

We're working on adding alerts - so you can receive specifics notifications when certain conditions you define are met (e.g. post to slack if I'm within 10% of my monthly budget).

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Support a team of any size

Collaborate with your team

Vantage works for individual developers as well as entire teams. Invite your teammates to share Cost Reports, analyze data and receive alerts.

Manage complex organizational setups

Vantage will automatically profile whatever AWS account you connect for Member Accounts and show you costs accordingly. Vantage works whether you have one AWS account or 100+.

Ready to see things differently?

Connect your AWS account and see what Vantage can do for you.

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