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Securely connect in under one minute

One click to connect

Connect your account through the AWS console or run a single command through the AWS CLI to run the provided CloudFormation template.

Read-only by default

No changes will be made to your infrastructure. For added peace of mind you can access our public CloudFormation template here.

Gain a new perspective using Views

Views are windows to your infrastructure - meaningful segments that you define and can analyze, revisit and (soon) alert on.

Every View includes a cost summary, and more View-level metrics are on the way. Vantage creates Views for each AWS service you use and based on your AWS tags if you’re using them too.

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Get actionable insights

Cost transparency

Stop wasting time trying to decipher your AWS bill. Get a real-time representation of what your resources cost in the Vantage console. View costs will be summarized and sent to you in the weekly email report.

CloudWatch Logs and Metrics

CloudWatch Logs and Metrics are displayed on each resource page for applicable resources, so you don’t need to click back and forth across AWS service dashboards.

Audit logs for your resources (coming soon)

Get a per-resource audit log to see what changes are being made across your infrastructure. Audit logs will allow you to see how your infrastructure evolves.

Save money with Savings Plans and RIs (coming soon)

Vantage can profile your usage and procure savings plans and reserved instances on your behalf.

Uncover idle resources (coming soon)

Get alerts on orphaned or underutilized resources to right-size them or get rid of them altogether.

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Always be in the know

Vantage stays in sync with your connected accounts to maintain an accurate reflection of your infrastructure.

Weekly email reports of your infrastructure

Keep track of your costs and easily to spot anything unexpected.

Alerts (coming soon)

We're working on adding alerts - so you can receive notifications when certain conditions are met (e.g. a cost threshold is exceeded).

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Effortlessly navigate your infrastructure

Connect multiple accounts

If your infrastructure is spread across multiple AWS accounts, Vantage makes it possible to see everything in one streamlined experience.

Discover relationships

Quickly traverse related resources. Our technology connects the dots where resource infrastructure relationships exist, and links them accordingly.

Global search

Quickly get to the resource you want. Our search tool allows you to search for resources across multiple regions and multiple AWS accounts.

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