❄️ Snowflake Costs are now supported in the Vantage console ->

Per-Resource Costs

See the costs of each individual AWS resource and stop guessing what's driving costs.


Per-Resource Costs

Costs broken down for
each AWS resource

Vantage will give you a break-down for every AWS resource cost by category (i.e. Compute, Data Transfer, Storage) as well as fine-grained sub-categories (i.e. on-demand vs reserved usage, data transfer out to Europe, etc.)
Per-Resource Costs

Analyze historical trends
on a per-resource basis

See how things like SQS Queues, S3 Buckets and SNS Topics are trending from a cost perspective this month versus last month. No tagging required.
Per-Resource Costs

See costs by category and subcategory for each resource and service

For each resource and service see costs per resource per day (compute, storage, egress fees) and subcategories giving you the specific AWS and GCP billing codes.