Connecting Oracle Cloud...

Oracle Cloud

Allocate service and resource costs on OCI and across multiple clouds.

Connecting Oracle...
Oracle Cloud

Combine Oracle costs with other cloud providers

Report on OCI spend alongside other infrastructure providers for a single pane of glass view of cloud costs.
Oracle Cloud

Allocate costs by service, resource and more

Filter and group costs by multiple dimensions including tenancy, service, resource and tag.
Oracle Cloud

Monthly budgeting and alerts

Assign budgets to OCI spend and monitor planed spend vs. actual with budget alerts.

More ways to view and optimize Oracle Cloud costs


Map costs to business units

Per Unit Costs

Per customer, query or endpoint

Kubernetes Cost Visibility

Service, namespace and label

Cost Anomaly Alerts

Get alerts for unexpected charges


Collaborate on cost initiatives

Team Access

Create and manage your teams

Oracle Cloud Documentation

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