Kubernetes Cost Support

Allocate and report on costs by cluster, namespace and label. Optimize with efficiency metrics.

Kubernetes Efficiency Metrics

Identify pod waste

See efficiency scores by cluster, namespace, label and pod. Rightsize Pods to correct on over-allocated vCPU and memory.
Kubernetes Efficiency Metrics

Put a dollar value on pod bloat

Idle Cost provides an updated dollar representation for wasted resources overprovisioned for each Pod.
Kubernetes Cost Reporting & Allocation

Break down the cost of
running individual pods

Create cost reports, perform cost allocation and show your teams corresponding Kubernetes costs alongside accompanying out-of-cluster costs.
Kubernetes Cost Reporting & Allocation

Best in class, out-of-cluster cost support

Show your team the total cost of ownership with their Kubernetes costs alongside other costs from AWS, Azure, GCP, Datadog, Snowflake and more.

Kubernetes Documentation

Read more about how Vantage connects with Kubernetes clusters
by reading the product documentation below.

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