Content • Dec 8, 2023
Unpacking Amazon S3 Express One Zone: Balancing Low Latency with Costs

S3 Express One Zone introduces groundbreaking improvements in performance—but are these improvements outweighed by costs?

Content • Nov 14, 2023
Inactive VPNs: A Hidden Cost in Your Infrastructure

Inactive VPNs could be costing you thousands - here is how to check for them.

Content • Nov 8, 2023
Snowflake Materialized View: Striking a Cost-Performance Balance

Strike a balance between cost and performance in your Snowflake data warehouse.

Content • Nov 7, 2023
BigQuery Cost per Query Visibility with Labels

Unleash the power of BigQuery labels to effortlessly track and optimize your data queries, one label at a time.

Feature • Nov 1, 2023
Vantage Launches Team-Based Access Controls

Create fine grained permissions for teams across your organization in Vantage.

Content • Oct 31, 2023
Amazon Bedrock vs Azure OpenAI: Pricing Considerations

Amazon Bedrock shakes up the Generative AI landscape with highly cost competitive models.

Content • Oct 25, 2023
Cloudflare Workers vs AWS Lambda with New Pricing from Cloudflare

Cloudflare's revamped pricing for Workers reveals a competitive edge.

Feature • Oct 24, 2023
Vantage Launches Azure Active Resources

Vantage now shows costs for active resources in dozens of Azure services.

Content • Oct 18, 2023
FinOps as Code: Terraforming Cloud Cost Management

FinOps has historically involved a lot of manual work to track down costs. By applying Infrastructure as Code techniques, we show a better way.

Content • Oct 13, 2023
Demystifying What’s Causing AWS Config Costs

How to view and debug high AWS Config costs.