Cloud Cost Reports

Real Data on Cloud Costs

Vantage uses anonymized data from thousands of connected accounts to snapshot industry spending patterns.

Q1 2024

Trends are showing companies continue to switch to newer and more cost-effective generations. Also, the growth of AI is impacting customer spending patterns.

Q4 2023

Big changes to discounting programs occurred in Q4. We provide advice on how to navigate the new landscape, plus perspective on cloud costs now that the 'era of cost optimization is over'.

Q3 2023

Is cloud provider revenue growth hitting a ceiling? Cloud users are looking to scale back costs more than ever. Q3 2023 found an uptick in spending optimization efforts. More companies are looking to save by switching away from On-Demand spending as well as upgrading to more cost-effective instances.

Q2 2023

Q2 2023 saw a crush of demand for GPUs and cheaper compute that resulted in capacity constraints across the major clouds. Increasingly, companies are using multiple clouds for different workloads.

Q1 2023

The first quarter of 2023 represented a return to normal among cloud spending, tracking with earnings reports from the hyperscaler clouds.

Q4 2022

In Q4 we found dramatic shifts in how companies were allocating costs, recording the lowest ever on-demand EC2 spend and a 16% drop in utilization of the most expensive S3 tiers. Data for serverless and database costs also demonstrates a new focus on cost optimization.

Q3 2022

In the inaugural Cloud Cost Report we profiled spending across compute, databases, storage, and serverless AWS costs to determine how companies were thinking about cloud infrastructure using real, anonymized data.

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