Content • Jun 12, 2024
FinOps as Code: Automating Jira Issues

Follow this FinOps as Code demo to automate and create Jira issues from Vantage cost recommendations.

Feature • Apr 9, 2024
Vantage Launches Kubernetes Recommendations: Rightsize Your Workloads to Reduce Idle Costs

Vantage announces Kubernetes rightsizing recommendations to reduce idle costs and avoid overprovisioning.

Feature • Apr 4, 2024
Vantage Launches Virtual Tagging: The Ability to Create Custom Cost Allocation Tags

Vantage announces the launch of virtual tagging. Apply new cost allocation tags for cost data that is imported into Vantage, regardless of provider.

Feature • Apr 3, 2024
Vantage Adds the Ability to Calculate Unit Costs from Datadog Metrics

Vantage now supports the ability to calculate unit costs from Datadog metrics. See metrics like cost per user or cost per request visualized on reports.

Content • Apr 1, 2024
LLRT and JavaScript Runtimes on AWS Lambda

LLRT is AWS’s new experimental JavaScript runtime that claims to have 10x faster startups and 2x overall lower costs on Lambda.

Feature • Mar 28, 2024
Vantage Adds Support for Discounted Databricks Pricing

Vantage now supports the ability to set custom discounts on imported Databricks costs.

Content • Mar 27, 2024
Datadog Tagging and Usage Attribution

Organizations can use usage attribution in Datadog to gain granular visibility into their spending and identify areas for optimization.

Content • Mar 26, 2024
Amazon Aurora vs Neon: A Serverless Postgres Pricing Comparison

Aurora and Neon both announced significant pricing changes this year. We compared the two and found Neon's ability to scale to zero makes it the cost-effective choice for use cases with idle time.

Content • Mar 22, 2024
Why Your S3 Bill Jumped After You Started Doing Data Engineering

Distributed SQL query engines can increase your Amazon S3 requests, thereby increasing your bill. Modern solutions like Apache Iceberg and caching help lower costs.

Feature • Mar 21, 2024
Vantage Launches Support for Coralogix Costs

Vantage now supports Coralogix, the latest cloud provider to be integrated for a complete view of cloud costs.