Content • Feb 22, 2024
Flink Fast: The Billion Dollar Opportunity for Confluent

Confluent is adding Flink to its service alongside Kafka. See how it will impact the data streaming landscape, particularly with regards to Amazon MSK and Amazon Managed Flink.

Content • Dec 8, 2023
Unpacking Amazon S3 Express One Zone: Balancing Low Latency with Costs

S3 Express One Zone introduces groundbreaking improvements in performance—but are these improvements outweighed by costs?

Feature • Dec 7, 2023
Vantage Adds Cost Allocation Segments Support to the API

Script both the creation and modification of cost allocation segments via new API endpoints.

Content • Dec 4, 2023
FinOps as Code with the Terraform CDK (CDKTF)

Enhance your FinOps as Code strategy by incorporating the Terraform CDK (CDKTF)—empowering teams to utilize familiar programming languages for a more flexible and efficient cloud cost management approach.

Content • Nov 30, 2023
How AWS is Using Capacity Blocks to Alleviate the GPU Shortage

Capacity Blocks provide greater availability and cost savings for short-term GPU needs.

Feature • Nov 30, 2023
Announcing the Official Vantage Kubernetes Integration

The Vantage Kubernetes agent provides a single in-cluster deployment that handles both metrics collection and upload to Vantage—without any intermediary requirements.

Content • Nov 27, 2023
Future-Proofing Your Tagging Strategy

When it comes time to revamp or redo your company's tagging strategy, here's how to make sure your solution will last.

Content • Nov 22, 2023
Evaluating M7-Flex Instances to Replace T Series

M7i-Flex instances offer superior performance and greater cost-effectiveness across various use cases

Feature • Nov 21, 2023
Vantage Launches Automatic Team Assignment for SSO Authentication

Automatically assign users to teams in Vantage based on your organization's existing SSO groups.

Feature • Nov 16, 2023
Vantage Launches Support for Confluent Costs

Vantage now supports Confluent, the latest cloud provider to be integrated for a complete view of cloud costs.