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Our mission is to modernize the interaction between technology,
finance, and management organizations.

Backed by world-class investors

Matthew Prince Co-Founder & CEO, Cloudflare
Ben Uretsky Co-Founder, DigitalOcean
Moisey Uretsky Co-Founder, DigitalOcean
Calvin French Owen Co-Founder, Segment
Glenn Solomon Angel Investor
Stephanie & Nat Friedman CEO, GitHub
Brianne Kimmel worklifevc
Cristina Cordova Angel Investor
Jeff Weinstein Stripe, Angel Investor
Julia Lipton Awesome People Ventures

Origin Story

Vantage is the leading independent cloud cost management solution committed to providing a superior experience for managing and optimizing cloud costs. The company has raised $25M in total funding, most recently through a Series A Financing in March 2023.

Vantage was started in 2020 by co-founders Ben Schaechter and Brooke McKim. From their combined experiences of leading cloud infrastructure teams at DigitalOcean and containers at AWS, they are applying the same level of simplicity to demystifying cloud infrastructure bills.

Vantage has employees throughout the United States with its headquarters and leadership based in New York City, New York. The Vantage team comprises seasoned professionals with experience in scaling previous companies, like AWS, DigitalOcean, Stripe, MongoDB, GitHub, and Cloudflare.

Our Values


User security is a cornerstone of every decision we make.

Delivering Value

Every day our goal is to find and deliver value.

Kindness & Respect

We respect you, the customer. We default to respect.


We want to save you time with every product and feature we ship.


Your infrastructure should be coherent and intelligible.


Know what you have, what you're paying for, and why.

Our Customers

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Sam Kottler Director of Engineering at PlanetScale

At PlanetScale, we keep an eye on savings plans utilization to ensure we are always as optimized as we can be. We are increasingly using Vantage to get cost visibility across all resources and check in periodically to make sure we are on target with our savings plans commitments which directly impacts our bottom line for the company.

Jeff Barg Co-Founder and CTO of Avenue

At Avenue, we're focused on our customer base and building our product, so we don't have a lot of time to look at cost optimization directly. Since using Vantage Cost Recommendations, it feels like there's a seasoned AWS engineer on our team who knows all the hidden tricks to optimize our infrastructure (even what's available in the free tier!)

Regynald Augustin Software engineer at Dispo

At Dispo, our main focus is on product development but we still keep an eye on our cloud costs. Being a consumer photo-sharing application, a large percentage of our overall AWS bill is egress-related but we weren't aware of drastic pricing differences between various infrastructure providers. Vantage automatically detected our growing CloudFront costs, surfaced a recommendation to use Cloudflare and will ultimately save us over 90% of our egress fees when we make the switch.

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