Announcing a Closed Beta of the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program

by Vantage Team

Announcing a Closed Beta of the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program

Today, Vantage is announcing a closed beta of the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program. This program helps Resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and consulting firms that operate in a consolidated billing fashion to use Vantage for managing their and their clients’ respective set of cloud costs.

A significant segment of the cloud infrastructure market is driven by Resellers and MSPs. When a business uses a Reseller and/or MSP, they pay that vendor directly, who then manages a larger portion of spend on behalf of tens, hundreds—or sometimes—thousands of member organizations. The MSP or Reseller will often yield benefits on behalf of their broader client base, which can then present different challenges around reporting, re-rating certain discounts, and having more fine-grained access to cost information. To date, Vantage did not have an option for MSPs to use Vantage for cloud cost optimization services.

Now, Vantage is announcing a closed beta of the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program. Vantage has had hundreds of MSPs and Resellers proactively reach out about using Vantage on behalf of their broader MSP organization. We have been working with some of these organizations to scope the full set of required functionality and are announcing a closed beta to incrementally add more customers in anticipation of a broader, general availability announcement.

If you represent an MSP or Reseller who is interested in using Vantage on behalf of a broader organization, please complete this form to express your interest. Our team will be in contact with information on how to onboard you during future waves of invites for this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vantage announcing today?

Vantage is announcing a closed beta of a Reseller and MSP Program. MSPs/Resellers will soon be able to use Vantage to help provide cloud cost optimization services and analyses to their clients.

2. Who is the customer?

The customer is a representative of MSPs or Resellers who directly purchases AWS, Azure, or GCP through a consolidated billing organization on behalf of a broader set of clients. Vantage will be prioritizing feedback and inclusion into the program based on two factors: the number of end-user clients and the total amount of annualized infrastructure spend. While we anticipate support across all three clouds, we are initially prioritizing support for AWS.

3. What is an MSP or Reseller?

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, is a company that provides IT services—like network, server, and security management—directly to businesses. These services are typically provided on a subscription basis. This type of program allows businesses to focus on their core operations, while the MSP handles their technology needs.

4. Will the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program maintain separation/isolation of various companies’ spend in a consolidated billing organization?

Yes. There will be a centralized management view for the MSP/Reseller. All end-user client organizations will also get access to their own environment within Vantage via Workspaces.

5. What will the pricing model look like for this program?

We are still finalizing pricing for this product. We’re happy to give some initial perspective on pricing once we get organizations included in the closed beta. Pricing for this product will be an annualized fixed rate.

6. I am an MSP interested in signing up for this program. Who can I contact?

Please complete this form to express your interest in which cloud providers you’re looking to include and the rough amount of annualized cloud spend you manage across all your clients.