Vantage has joined the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

by Vantage Team

Today, Vantage announces reaching the ISV Accelerate qualification through the AWS Partner Network (APN). This qualification builds upon our existing AWS Partnership and represents a milestone for Vantage’s adoption among AWS customers as the leading independent cloud cost management platform.

AWS ISV Accelerate is a qualification that vendors can achieve which allows AWS representatives to co-sell certain vetted third-party solutions, of which Vantage is now included in. Other prominent companies included in AWS ISV Accelerate include Tackle, Databricks, Auth0 and Orca Security.

The benefit of this program to AWS customers is that AWS representatives can include Vantage as vetted solutions to AWS customers alongside AWS native tools to ensure the customer is getting the best possible solution to their problems, whether created by AWS or by a third-party provider like Vantage.