Vantage Partners with Quolum to Provide Cost Insights to Largest SaaS Infrastructure Line Item Expense

by Vantage Team

Today Vantage announces a partnership with Quolum, a provider of SaaS Procurement and Management solutions. Quolum customers will now get access to Vantage’s Pro or Business tier plans at no additional cost as part of their Quolum subscription.

Previously, companies that wanted to manage their SaaS and cloud infrastructure costs needed to purchase two separate subscriptions in order to get a holistic view into their IT costs. One from Quolum to easily manage and optimize their SaaS subscription spend and utilization; a second from Vantage to do the same for their cloud infrastructure bill.

Now, a company can get both with a single subscription from Quolum. As a Quolum customer you will be eligible to claim a perk that will give you access to either the Vantage Pro or Business plan.

Vantage is looking to partner with organizations to assist their customers when it comes to managing and optimizing their cloud costs. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please email