Barstool Sports saves 50% and centralizes costs from AWS, Snowflake, Datadog and Fastly in Vantage

About Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports produces content for distribution on multiple platforms and through different business models including web, apps, podcasts, radio, video, social, events, pay per view, subscription and television to an enthusiastic audience. After starting out in print in 2003, Barstool Sports followed the growth of online publishing and soon switched to video production.

The Challenge

Barstool Sports is one of the world’s leading digital media companies which manages a multitude of ever growing properties. Being able to efficiently serve content to users is paramount and Barstool leverages a number of service providers in conjunction with their AWS infrastructure to do this in a cost effective manner. Each property has a specific set of AWS and third party primitives that work in tandem together and ensuring these various services work together in a cost-efficient manner take significant engineering time and analysis.

The Solution

Barstool Sports now utilizes Vantage to solve all of its cost transparency challenges. With Vantage, Barstool Sports can:

  1. Easily see all of the costs associated with each resource broken down by cost category daily.
  2. Associate AWS costs with accompanying third party costs, such as Fastly and Datadog.
  3. Optimize AWS Savings Plan and Reserved Instance commitment coverage.