Bodygram reduces AI costs using Vantage

About Bodygram

Bodygram is an AI powered technology that takes accurate body measurements with only a smartphone camera. The Bodygram measurement system is utilized by businesses to offer individually customized products based on an individual’s precise body shape and size. To power this innovative technology, Bodygram utilizes the power of the AWS ecosystem to quickly build and iterate on its AI driven product. The problem was that costs were beginning to outpace growth and the root cause wasn’t obvious. After Bodygram connected their account to Vantage, they were able to reduce the monthly costs by 30%.

The Challenge

As Bodygram’s business was taking off so were their AWS costs. In a single month Bodygram saw their costs increase by 50% and it wasn’t clear what had changed. The biggest challenges Bodygram faced when diagnosing the cause were:

  1. Tying costs to specific resources
  2. Understanding if a resource was stranded
  3. Understanding which services to prioritize for cost optimization efforts.

The Solution

Bodygram utilizes Vantage to solve all of its cost transparency challenges. With Vantage, Bodygram can:

  1. Easily see all of the costs associated with any resource.
  2. Identify stranded resources that can be eliminated.
  3. Prioritize services with the highest costs for cost optimization efforts.