Vantage Launches Additional API Endpoints and Terraform Provider Updates

by Vantage Team

Vantage Launches Additional Cost Report Visualizations

Today, Vantage is announcing the launch of additional API endpoints, Terraform resources, and Terraform data sources. Customers who use the Vantage API or Terraform provider to automate the creation and retrieval of resources in Vantage can now use additional endpoints to extract or update resources, such as anomaly alerts or virtual tags.

Previously, Vantage released a number of API endpoints, Terraform resources, and data sources for customers to programmatically update and retrieve data from Vantage. However, there were outstanding features in Vantage that did not have a corresponding API endpoint or Terraform resource. Users who wanted to automate the creation or retrieval of certain Vantage features, like cost anomaly alerts, were unable to do so programmatically.

Now, Vantage is launching additional API endpoints, Terraform resources, and data sources with an aim to bring the Vantage API and Terraform provider to parity with the Vantage UI.

The vantage_anomaly_notification Terraform resource

Example of the new vantage_anomaly_notification Terraform resource

The following API endpoints are now available:

Customers who use Terraform as part of their infrastructure as code environment can also use the following new resources:

The following Terraform data sources are also available:

These API and Terraform updates are now available for all users, including users in the free tier. To get started, navigate to the API Access Tokens screen and generate a Read and/or Write API key. See the Vantage API documentation and documentation on the Terraform Registry for examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being announced today?

Vantage is announcing updates to the Vantage API and Terraform provider. New API endpoints, Terraform resources, and Terraform data sources are now available.

2. Who is the customer?

The customer is anyone who wants to automate their cloud cost reporting using either the Vantage Terraform provider or Vantage API. Customers who use an infrastructure as code workflow can build processes to upload and extract data from Vantage, with the Terraform provider, to perform additional analyses or use the information in external applications.

3. How much does this feature cost?

The Terraform provider and the Vantage API are free to all users.

4. How do I authenticate with Vantage to use the API or Terraform provider?

The Vantage API and Terraform provider use a Vantage API token for authentication. All API calls performed by the API and Terraform provider are authenticated via your user token.

5. Are there plans to add other primitives to the Terraform provider or additional API endpoints?

Yes, as new features are developed in Vantage, additional API endpoints will be created. As those resources are added to the Vantage API, they will also be added to the Terraform provider.

6. Where can I read the documentation?

Vantage provides multiple resources for getting started with the API and Terraform provider: