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AWS Marketplace now supported as a payment method on Vantage

As of today, Vantage customers may subscribe to Pro, Business and Custom plans via AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace offers a secure and seamless method for facilitating payments from your AWS account to Vantage with no credit card required.

Before, Vantage customers could only pay via credit card with payments processed securely through Stripe. This sometimes meant additional customer operational overhead for onboarding Vantage as a new vendor, ensuring a member of your organization has access to a credit card and ensuring that credit card was kept up-to-date.

Now, customers may subscribe to Vantage via AWS Marketplace. When subscribing via AWS Marketplace AWS will use your existing billing details associated with your AWS account to facilitate payments to Vantage automatically. AWS never shares your billing details with Vantage and merely acts as a payment intermediary. After successfully subscribing via AWS Marketplace you'll be redirected back to your Vantage account page where your subscription will begin.

To get started, head over the AWS Marketplace listing for Vantage and read the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

How do I subscribe to Vantage via AWS Marketplace?

Navigate to the "Vantage Console" AWS Marketplace listing and click "Continue to Subscribe" - finish the steps for choosing a subscription and you will be redirected back to your account page to see the subscription take place. If you were logged out when attempting to subscribe, please login and on the Vantage account page on Vantage simply click "Subscribe via AWS Marketplace" to complete the subscription.

I’m currently subscribed via credit card - how does this impact me?

It doesn't. Current customers do not need to change subscriptions to AWS Marketplace.

I’m currently subscribed with a credit card but want to transition to payments via AWS Marketplace - how do I do this?

Please contact support@vantage.sh and we can assist with transitioning your subscription from credit card to AWS Marketplace.

Can I use Vantage coupon codes in conjunction with AWS Marketplace?

Not at this time. Coupons are facilitated through Stripe and coupon functionality isn't supported for AWS Marketplace subscriptions at this time.

Do I need to pay any additional fees for subscribing via AWS Marketplace?


What happens if I upgrade my subscription on AWS Marketplace?

When upgrading your subscription on AWS Marketplace you'll be redirected back to Vantage and your subscription will automatically upgrade.

What happens if I cancel my subscription on AWS Marketplace?

You will still have access to your Vantage subscription until the end of your subscription term at which point your subscription will expire and premium functionality will be restricted.

Will Vantage support Custom Tiers via AWS Marketplace?

Yes. If you have over $20,000 of monthly AWS spend and would like to subscribe to Vantage via AWS Marketplace please contact support@vantage.sh. Vantage will customize a plan for you and make it available to only your AWS account to accept through something called a "Private Offer" in AWS Marketplace.