Vantage Launches Cloudflare Specific Cost Recommendations for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 Egress

by Vantage Team

Today Vantage announced the launch of cost recommendations across multiple infrastructure and service providers: the first of which is providing AWS customers with an automated recommendation to use Cloudflare when incurring significant egress costs with CloudFront and S3. Vantage is now automatically monitoring the trailing 30 days of AWS CloudFront and S3 egress usage on behalf of all customers and making cost recommendations showing potential monthly savings of delivering certain content from Cloudflare.

Many AWS customers typically start off building their applications entirely upon AWS. As certain parts of their applications grow and scale, there are specific measures they can take to control costs while staying entirely within the confines of services that AWS provides. However, depending on the specific AWS service, it can still be quite expensive relative to other cloud infrastructure providers. AWS pricing is complicated in and of itself and comparing AWS pricing with other third-party providers takes time and effort.

Now, AWS customers can rely on Vantage to provide them with cost recommendations from multiple cloud infrastructure and service providers. The first cross-provider recommendation will be for AWS customers to consider using Cloudflare when incurring significant egress charges on Amazon CloudFront or Amazon S3. Vantage will automatically profile CloudFront and S3 egress usage for the trailing 30 days and surface potential savings in the Vantage console for switching to Cloudflare. Additionally, we've contributed an overview of this topic to the recently launched Cloud Cost Handbook which can be read by anyone here.

"At Dispo, our main focus is on product development but we still keep an eye on our cloud costs. Being a consumer photo-sharing application, a large percentage of our overall AWS bill is egress-related but we weren't aware of drastic pricing differences between various infrastructure providers. Vantage automatically detected our growing CloudFront costs, surfaced a recommendation to use Cloudflare and will ultimately save us over 90% of our egress fees when we make the switch." said Regynald Augustin, Software Engineer at Dispo.

At the time of this blog post, Vantage is now automatically profiling all connected AWS accounts to provide Cloudflare-specific recommendations. No further action is necessary to enable this feature for existing Vantage customers and recommendations will automatically surface in the recommendations section of the Vantage console here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being launched today?

Today, Vantage is launching cost recommendations across multiple cloud infrastructure and service providers: the first of which is providing AWS customers with an automated recommendation to use Cloudflare when incurring significant egress costs on Amazon CloudFront or Amazon S3.

What is a Cost Recommendation?

Cost Recommendations are a recently launched Vantage feature that surfaces recommendations for how you can potentially save money for taking certain actions. Vantage automatically profiles all connected AWS accounts for cost recommendations showing the action you can take and its potential cost impact in terms of dollars saved.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services. Cloudflare's services sit between a website's visitor and the Cloudflare customer's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites. To learn more about Cloudflare, please visit

How much money can this save me?

Ultimately this answer depends on the amount of egress costs your organization incurs. It's possible that there are no possible cost saving recommendations available to you specifically for using Cloudflare. However, from looking at usage data we have seen potential savings of up to 31% of an entire AWS bill in certain cases.

Do I need to have a Cloudflare account to use this feature?

No. No Cloudflare account is needed to be able to receive this cost recommendation.

How much does this feature cost?

There is no additional cost for cost recommendations. You can see a full set of Vantage pricing details on our pricing page.

The blog post calls out egress incurred specifically for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 as a candidate for switching to Cloudflare - what about egress costs from other AWS services?

At this time, the cost recommendation is specifically looking at Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 as those were the most natural services for leveraging Cloudflare. However, we are working on adding the full suite of egress costs across all AWS Services to this cost recommendation later this year.

Additionally, according to the AWS Cost Leaderboard, Amazon S3 represents the 4th largest cost center and Amazon CloudFront represents the #11 cost center for customers - both have which have egress as major components. We believe there is a significant opportunity to help customers by targeting these two services initially.

I represent another cloud infrastructure or service provider and would like Vantage to give recommendations to use my service. Will you add this?

Maybe. At Vantage we are looking to provide recommendations for the best thing to do by our customers. In the event that we feel strongly that we can help our customers, we'll consider additional cloud infrastructure and service provider recommendations. To get in touch with our team on this topic please contact with a brief description of your desired cross-provider recommendation.

Is Vantage sharing my personal or usage data with Cloudflare?

No. No information is shared with Cloudflare as a result of this feature.

Will Vantage assist with programmatically migrating from AWS to Cloudflare?

Not at this time. Though we are currently soliciting feedback from customers on whether or not this would be useful for us to offer moving forward.