Launches Detail Pages for EC2 and RDS

by Vantage Team

Today, Vantage announces the launch of Detail Pages for the roughly 500 EC2 and RDS instances present on In addition to existing filtering and sorting features, users can now click into a specific EC2 instance page to see higher-fidelity cost information, instance specs and community-contributed links from the roughly 500,000 users of the site.

Detail Pages for each instance on

The Detail Page for the c5d.2xlarge instance showing its computing attributes, price, variants, and more information.

Vantage acquired in February of 2021 and now maintains and contributes to the open-source repository for the greater AWS community. We’ve worked with multiple open-source contributors of the site over the span of the last ~1.5 years to ”not screw it up”, ensure the site is kept up to date as new instances are launched by AWS and improve site performance. However, we have heard from customers they want better ways of seeing detail information and want direct pages to link to their colleagues when evaluating certain instance types.

Now, after filtering, searching or sorting to find desired EC2 instances, users can click in to individual detail pages for a specific EC2 instance. On detail pages, users will get dedicated pages of specifications broken down by compute, storage, networking and AWS specific information. Cost settings can be toggled to easily see prices per region, unit of time, operating system, and financial commitment. Community users can contribute relevant links for each specific EC2 instance type, ultimately stored and backed by the underlying Github repository so that all information remains open-source.

At Vantage we always work backwards from customer feedback and we’re proud to support this community-driven site. Please join our Slack community to chat with others in the community and provide feedback on the latest changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Vantage is launching devoted detail pages for EC2 instances: dedicated webpages for every instance which shows compute, storage, networking attributes and more. Detail pages also include comments and links from the community, pricing for every configuration of the instance, and regions where the instance is not available.

2. Who is the user?

The roughly 500,000 developers who use

3. How much does this cost?

There is no cost to using and its provided as a free community resource.

4. What is is an open-source utility website for comparing EC2 Instances that was started in 2011 and created by Garret Heaton. Vantage acquired the website and repository backing the site in 2021.

5. What is a detail page on

Detail pages on are dedicated pages for each individual EC2 instance that shows additional information about the EC2 instance.

6. What kind of information can I see on a detail page?

The best way to see what kind of information you can get on a detail page is to visit one. Here is an example of a detail page for:

7. Why is Vantage investing in

Primarily we want to be good stewards of the site since acquiring it and understand its popularity in the AWS community. The site has grown from ~300,000 users to ~500,000 users since our acquisition of it and we want to invest in making it the premier resource for community, crowd-sourced information relating to EC2 instances.

Vantage is also in the business of cloud cost visibility and optimization and believe its in our interest as a business to contribute to the community so that we build goodwill with users when the time comes for them to source a vendor for cloud cost management.

8. I have some feature requests and/or suggestions - how can I provide feedback?

Feel free to join our Slack group where we have a devoted channel to or head to the Github repo backing the site here to open an issue.

9. What are “links” for each detail page?

Links are meant to be relevant, productive links out to guides, announcements, technical blog posts, Tweets and other information that may be useful when evaluating an EC2 instance. You can submit links on the Github repository in the form of a pull request to be evaluated by site maintainers for inclusion. Ultimately, Vantage employees will be the final decision maker for what is and is not included.