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Feature • Aug 9, 2022
Vantage Launches Budgets

Now Vantage will display your budget data right alongside spend and forecasts so you can easily track your spend to plan inside of one tool.

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Feature • Apr 12, 2022
Vantage Launches Grouped Charts

Today Vantage announces the launch of “Group By” functionality on Cost Reports. This gives customers the ability to group cost data by dimensions such as AWS Service, AWS Account or GCP Project...

Education • Mar 23, 2022
Guide: Save 10%+ on RDS by Switching to AWS Graviton

Amazon launched their ARM-based chip, nicknamed Graviton, within the last few years. Since its release AWS customers have...

Feature • Mar 17, 2022
Vantage now Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Today, Vantage announces the launch of an integration with Microsoft Teams. Vantage users can now...

Feature • Mar 15, 2022
Vantage Launches Google Cloud Support

Today Vantage announces general availability for support of Google Cloud costs. Google Cloud customers can now...

Feature • Mar 14, 2022
Vantage Launches Role Based Access Control For Team Management

Today, Vantage announces the launch of Role Based Access Control (hereon referred to as ‘RBAC’) which gives customers...

Feature • Feb 2, 2022
Vantage Launches SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) Support

Today Vantage announces the general availability of SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) support for Vantage customers in the Enterprise Tier.

Feature • Jan 25, 2022
Vantage Announces Early Access for Google Cloud Support

Today, Vantage announces early access for Google Cloud support. Vantage users can now opt in to early access...

Company • Jan 18, 2022
Vantage Partners with Quolum to Provide Cost Insights to Largest SaaS Infrastructure Line Item Expense

Today Vantage announces a partnership with Quolum, a provider of SaaS Procurement and Management solutions.

Education • Jan 12, 2022
RDS vs PlanetScale: Pricing Considerations

Today Vantage announces the launch of Savings Planner: a set of planning and forecasting dashboards that allow...