Vantage Launches Fastly Support

by Vantage Team

Today, Vantage announces support for Fastly costs in the Vantage console. Fastly represents Vantage’s first addition of a cloud service provider in addition to cloud infrastructure providers. All Vantage customers can now add a Fastly integration from their integrations page and Vantage will automatically ingest, and visualize Fastly costs within the Vantage console to view alongside infrastructure provider costs. Additional service providers coming soon to Vantage include Datadog, MongoDB Atlas, Snowflake and Cloudflare.

Customers are increasingly relying on multiple service providers in addition to their primary infrastructure provider. It’s common for a single customer to leverage five or more different usage-based infrastructure or service providers. As a company leverages more infrastructure and service providers, managing the costs associated with these providers becomes more difficult and requires devoted engineering time to integrate, normalize and analyze.

Vantage cloud service provider integration roadmap, starting with Fastly today.

Now, customers can rely on Vantage to support their list of growing cloud infrastructure and service providers, starting with Fastly. After generating a read-only Fastly API token and entering it into the integrations page of the Vantage console, Fastly costs will automatically begin ingesting to Vantage. Vantage will initially ingest the historical cost data and refresh the newest cost data on a daily basis. Fastly costs can be viewed independently or alongside accompanying AWS and GCP data in Cost Reports. Structured Fastly cost data will also be accessible through the Vantage API.

“Vantage has already helped us cut our total AWS bill by over 50%. When the Vantage team approached us about supporting additional providers beyond AWS, we were eager to get Fastly costs included. Previously we received the generic bill from Fastly on a monthly basis but were unable to easily see day by day costs on a per service basis. Vantage has saved us countless engineering hours by pulling relevant usage data from Fastly and cross-referencing our rate information from billing APIs to make available in the Vantage console. The best part is we can see Fastly and AWS costs in the same reports without having to log into multiple systems.”, said Andrew Barba, CTO at Barstool Sports.

Fastly support is available to all users on Vantage, including users in the free tier. Note that Fastly costs will contribute to monthly tracked costs tier enforcement quotas. In the event that Fastly costs push you over your current tier monthly tracked costs, you may be required to upgrade your plan.

To add your Fastly costs to Vantage, head to the integrations page to provide Vantage with an API token to begin ingesting cost data.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, Vantage is announcing general availability of support for Fastly. Vantage users can now provide Vantage with a read-only Fastly API Token and corresponding costs will automatically begin to be ingested and visualized within Vantage. Vantage will refresh cost data from Fastly on a daily basis to ensure data is always up-to-date.

2. Who is the customer?

This feature is available to all Vantage users, including users in the free tier.

3. What is Fastly?

Fastly is a global content delivery network (CDN) used to decrease latency and improve performance for images, video, software downloads and more through the Fastly edge cloud. Fastly also provides DDOS protection, security solutions, and edge compute products that help companies deliver a superior experience to users across the world. You can read more about Fastly and its pricing structure in our blog comparing CloudFront and Fastly.

3. How much does this cost?

There is no additional cost to Fastly support. However, Fastly costs will be included in quota tier enforcement. In the event that your Fastly costs push you over your current tier limit you may be prompted to upgrade. To see more details on pricing, please refer to the pricing page here:

4. How does Vantage technically integrate with Fastly?

Vantage technically integrates with Fastly through a read-only Fastly API token. To read more on the specific instructions for how to generate this token, please see the integration instructions here:

You can add your Fastly API Token to Vantage on the Integrations page here:

5. What kind of costs from Fastly can Vantage show?

Vantage will show line item cost data for the following Fastly services:

  • Fastly CDN
  • Wildcard TLS Certificate
  • Image Optimizer
  • Shared TLS Certificate
  • Base Fastly Contracts
  • Compute@Edge

6. Can I see costs on a per resource basis from Fastly?

Yes. Vantage will inspect what services you’re using from invoice APIs, then source from metric APIs distinct “resources” for which to aggregate costs by. This gives you the ability to see:

  • CDN: Costs per service
  • Compute@Edge: Costs per endpoint

7. I am a Vantage customer who has already connected my AWS and/or GCP account, can I see my Fastly costs alongside existing AWS and GCP costs?

Yes. After adding a Fastly integration, Fastly will be available as a provider under Cost Report filters. Fastly costs will also automatically be included under the “All Resources” cost report.

8. What filtering logic is available for Fastly costs?

Fastly data can be filtered by Fastly Account and Service.

9. How often does Fastly data refresh in the Vantage console?

Vantage will refresh at least once daily at 12AM UTC for Fastly.

10. What happens if I remove a Fastly integration?

If you decide to remove your Fastly integration from Vantage, all associated costs will be removed from the Vantage console associated with that API token.

11. Can I have multiple Fastly integrations?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of Fastly integrations you can add to Vantage.

12. Will Fastly costs be represented in the Overview page?

Yes. Fastly costs will be summarized in the “Provider Summary” section of the Overview page. Providers are sorted in descending order of accrued costs for the current month.

13. Will there be cost recommendation support for Fastly?

Not initially, no. However, we are looking at providing AWS customers with Cloudfront vs Fastly cost recommendations.

14. What other cloud service providers is Vantage adding?

Vantage is planning on adding support for Snowflake, Datadog and MongoDB Atlas. Please contact with other providers you’d like to see added.

15. I have a request for a cloud service provider who is not on the current roadmap - can I get it supported?

Maybe. Please write into as we are prioritizing the next set of cloud service providers.

16. Is there any additional documentation on this integration?

Yes. Documentation on the Fastly integration can be found here:

17. I’ve just added a Fastly API token, how long will it take for my cost data to be present in the Vantage console?

Fastly costs should start populating in the Vantage console within the hour.

18. What are the proper permissions I should set on the Fastly API token that I provide to Vantage?

The only permission you need to add is global:read. Fastly does not provide any finer grained permissions than this for read access so global:read is the most scoped down read-only access that Vantage accepts.