Vantage Launches Azure Cost Recommendations

by Vantage Team

Azure Cost Recommendations

Today, Vantage announces the launch of Cost Recommendations for Microsoft Azure. Vantage users with Azure connected as a provider can see recommendations for reserved instance purchases along with currently unattached virtual hard disks. Each recommendation will have specific details along with the projected savings amount. Vantage continually profiles your Azure workloads and automatically keeps these recommendations up-to-date.

Before, Vantage surfaced cost recommendations for AWS and Datadog which included both financial commitments and waste reduction suggestions. There were, however, no Azure-specific recommendations available. Users had to login to the Azure Advisor to see any recommendations and could not see cost recommendations for their Azure subscriptions in the same single pane of glass as their AWS and Datadog accounts.

Now, cost recommendations for Azure reserved instances and unattached virtual hard disks are automatically populated on the Cost Recommendations page. From this page, users will be able to see detailed information about the recommendation including affected subscriptions, regions, instance types, and the overall savings amount for each recommendation. Immediately after connecting Azure as a provider, your workloads will be profiled and the recommendations will be surfaced to give you a savings estimate.

This functionality is now available to all users with an Azure connection. You can see your Azure cost recommendations by visiting the recommendations page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today Vantage is launching cost recommendations for Azure, including reserved instances and unattached virtual hard disks. If you have connected Azure as a provider you can see these recommendations on the recommendations page.

2. Who is the customer?

Any Vantage user who has connected Azure as a provider.

3. How much does this cost?

There is no additional cost for seeing these recommendations. However, if you are on a free trial the specifics of the recommendations will be obscured.

4. What specific categories will I see Cost Recommendations for?

Vantage currently supports cost recommendations for the following Azure categories:

  • Compute Reserved Instances
  • Compute Unattached Virtual Hard Disks (Disks which have not been attached to a VM in the last 30 days)

5. I pay my Azure bill in a different currency. What currency will the recommendations be displayed in?

Azure cost recommendations will be displayed in USD as opposed to your Azure billing currency to match how your costs are displayed in Vantage.

6. Are these recommendations displayed on my Autopilot dashboard?

Not yet. We plan to add Autopilot support for Azure in the future.

7. Can I purchase any reserved instance or savings plans recommendations from within Vantage?

Not yet. However, we plan to add Azure support to Autopilot which will guide you through the purchasing process.

8. Can I ignore a specific recommendation?

If you wish to hide a recommendation you can click archive which will add the recommendation to your archived recommendation list.

9. Will I be notified when new recommendations are surfaced?

We do not currently send notifications when new recommendations are surfaced.

10. How is this different than Azure Advisor recommendations?

For unattached Disk recommendations Vantage is surfacing the potential savings value based on your billing data. This is not something shown in Azure Advisor.