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Vantage Launches Cost Reports

A screenshot of an example Cost Report

Today, we're announcing the launch of Cost Reports: the new default interface for viewing and analyzing cloud cost data on accrued and active run-rate basis. Customers now have the ability to configure, combine and save a set of cost settings such as tag, service, AWS member account and/or region.

Before, Vantage had two separated experiences. Views could be created to show active resources and corresponding point-in-time run rates but lacked the ability to see accrued costs. Cost Center gave users the ability to see accrued costs and subcategory costs but did not allow for saving reports. This resulted in more time spent by developers having to context switch between multiple pages to get information and continuously filter down to the same set of conditions.

Now with Cost Reports, customers have a single, unified experience for showing both accrued costs as well as point-in-time active resources. Customers can define a set of conditions for a Cost Report to save in their Vantage account and share with other team members. Eventually, customers will be able to add budgets, see projected spend and get visual forecasts per Cost Report. Every user has had a default Cost Report created for their account automatically at the time of this blog post.

Cost Reports are free to use and available to all users. Log in to Vantage to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, we are launching Vantage Cost Reports: a unified dashboard experience for analyzing both accrued and point-in-time run rate costs from active resources. This experience is the new default experience for all Vantage customers and simplifies the experience of analyzing and exploring cost data.

2. How much does this cost?

This feature is included as part of the Vantage subscription and there is no additional cost to users for using Cost Reports.

3. What happens with my old Views?

Views in their old incarnation will be merged into the new Cost Report experience. Service Views will become a portion of each Cost Report. In addition to a list of your Cost Reports, you'll see a section called "Active Resources" which has a list of all resources that were present in Views before.

4. I’m part of a team on Vantage, how does this impact me?

Cost Reports are stored at the Organization account level. When you create a Cost Report, all members of your team have access to it. You can save and share Cost Reports with your team and they will be included in your weekly email reports.

5. How do I create a new Cost Report?

There is a "Create Report" button that will take you to a page to select Cost Report configuration settings that you can save to be part of your Vantage account.

6. Will Cost Reports allow me to see forecasts of spend?

Not yet. We are looking to have machine learning based cost forecasts into Cost Reports in Q2 of 2021.

7. Will Cost Reports allow me to set budgets?

Not yet. We are looking to allow for custom budgets to be set in Q2 of 2021.

8. I have not connected an AWS account to Vantage and just use the Vantage API, how will this impact me?<p>You aren’t impacted at all. This announcement only impacts users who have connected an AWS account and API users without connected AWS accounts are not impacted at all.</p>

9. Can I access Cost Report through the Vantage API?

Not yet - but this is in active development and we have plans to expose this data through the Vantage API as soon as possible. Please email support@vantage.sh to let us know your use-cases and desired data.

10. Cost Reports include all AWS Services that meet their conditions by default, can I filter by a single AWS service to graph accrued costs?

Yes. By clicking on the AWS row in the Cost Report, the report's graph will update just to show a graph of costs for that specific service.

11. How do I view subcategory costs in Cost Reports?

Customers may click either the linked service name or the "See All" link. This will take you to a page that shows you subcategory costs as well as active resources and their point-in-time run-rates.

12. How often does Cost Report data update?

We refresh all cost report data daily.