Vantage Launches Customizable Cost Reports

by Vantage Team

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Today Vantage announces support for saving customized groupings, date ranges and date bins on Cost Reports. When changing the default grouping, date range or date bin you will be able to save this setting as the default graphical representation for that report. As a result, you’ll be able to view grouped or customer charts on your Overview page and ensure other members of your team see the same persisted state as you intended when sharing links to Cost Reports.

Previously, it was not possible to save any visualization preferences for a Cost Report. Any changes to grouping or date settings were only persisted as long as you were viewing the report. It was possible to copy and the paste the URL with these settings present, but when clicking into the report from scratch it would revert to the default settings. As a result, it was cumbersome for teams to share the specific view they had set on a report when sharing with other members of their team.

Now, Cost Reports have the ability to persist customized defaults. After saving the report, any adjusted visualization settings will become the default for the Report and will be present whenever a report is being viewed. These settings will also propagate to the Overview widget for the report. Existing reports will continue to show the last 6 months of data on the Overview page and show accrued and forecasted costs for this month until settings are updated. Additionally, all cost report notifications will honor the settings which have been saved with that Cost Report.

To see this in action, head to any Cost Report, modify the visualization settings and save the report. For more information on the options for displaying costs, please see the Cost Reports documentation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, Vantage is launching the ability to save default date ranges, date bins and groupings for Cost Reports. This gives you the ability to persist a specific view for a cost report to make available to you and your team-mates.

2. Who is the customer?

The customer is any Vantage user who uses Cost Reports.

3. How much does this cost?

There is no additional cost and this is available to all Vantage users, including users in the free tier.

4. What Cost Report settings can I modify?

  • Date Range - Set a default start and end date when the report is first loaded.
  • Date Bin - Set a default date bin such as Monthly, Weekly or Daily.
  • Grouping - Set a default grouping such as Account, Service, Provider or a specific tag.

5. If I set a default date range, is data for dates outside of that range available?

Yes, the report will still contain data for all available dates, however when viewing the report it will default to the specified date range.

6. Who can modify these settings?

Users with the Owner or Editor role can save these settings on a Cost Report.

7. Can I modify the default “All Resources” report?

No, this report will maintain the default settings and cannot be modified. This will continue to be set to “This Month” for the date range and Cumulative for the visualization.

8. Are “rolling” date ranges included or only hard ranges? (such as last 7 days)

Yes. You can select a relative date range as well a customized set of dates. The date picker will now display the relative selection as well as the corresponding date range.

9. Are relative date ranges “full” or “partial” months?

The last 3 month and last 6 months will include the last 3/6 full months and the current partial month.

10. Vantage imposes a two day delay on cost data - How does this work with relative date ranges?

All date ranges will account for this delay. For example on February 2nd you will see costs up to January 31st. “This Month” will be for January 1st - 31st and “Last Month” will be for December 1st - 31st.

11. How does the Overview page change?

  • All reports with a grouping saved will be displayed as stacked bar charts and contain a legend.
  • All reports with a saved date range will display that date range on the overview.
  • All reports with a saved date bin will display that date bin on the overview.
  • Only reports set to “This Month” and “Cumulative” will display forecasted costs.

12. Will cost report notifications show the customized default?

Yes. The persisted report dates and grouping will be reflected in email and Slack/Teams notifications.