Vantage Launches New Relic Cost Support

by Vantage Team

New Relic + Vantage

Today, Vantage announces support for New Relic costs in the Vantage console. Vantage customers can now see their overall New Relic costs alongside their primary infrastructure provider. Customers can add any number of New Relic accounts from their integrations page and Vantage will automatically ingest and visualize New Relic costs accordingly.

Observability solutions such as Datadog, New Relic and Dynatrace are often the second biggest driver of costs behind the primary infrastructure provider. Additionally, it’s common for changes made on the primary infrastructure provider (AWS/Azure/GCP) to have the side effect of impacting accompanying monitoring costs. In order to control these costs, organizations typically had to log in to both billing consoles, have their engineering teams export data from both providers or generally fly blind a bit as to what their actual costs were until it became big enough to investigate.

Now, customers can easily connect New Relic to Vantage in order to begin receiving access to appropriate usage APIs used for ingesting and visualizing New Relic cost data. After ingestion, which typically takes less than 5 minutes, customers can filter their New Relic costs and view them on a Cost Report alongside primary infrastructure provider costs. New Relic costs have the ability to be broken down by service (APM, Logs, Infrastructure, etc) and also include the cost of user seats.

New Relic is generally available to all customers at the time of this blog post being published. To begin viewing New Relic costs in Vantage, head to the integrations page to provide Vantage with your New Relic account id and API key. Additionally, you can read more about this integration in the New Relic section of the Vantage documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, Vantage is announcing general availability support for New Relic costs. Vantage users can now provide Vantage with access to the New Relic GraphQL API and costs will automatically begin to be ingested and visualized within Vantage from the corresponding organization. Vantage will refresh usage data from New Relic on a daily basis to ensure data is always up-to-date.

2. Who is the customer?

This feature is available to all Vantage users, including users in the free tier. You must have a New Relic account.

3. What is New Relic?

New Relic is a hosted observability platform with several services including Log Management, APM and Monitoring.

4. How much does this cost?

There is no additional cost to New Relic support. However, New Relic costs will be included in quota tier enforcement. In the event that your New Relic costs push you over your current tier limit you may be prompted to upgrade. To see more details on pricing, please refer to the pricing page here:

5. How does Vantage technically integrate with New Relic?

Users share a New Relic API token with Vantage which is used to access NerdGraph, the New Relic GraphQL API, to retrieve New Relic managed consumption metrics from each account.

6. Does Vantage have access to data stored in New Relic?

Vantage will have the same level of access as the user who created the API key.

7. What dimensions can New Relic costs be filtered by?

New Relic costs can be filtered by account, category and service.

8. Can I see costs by resource for New Relic?

No, at this time you can only see New Relic costs broken down by category. However, we are working with the New Relic team to improve this integration.

9. I am a Vantage customer who has already connected my AWS, Azure and/or GCP account, can I see my New Relic costs alongside existing AWS/Azure/GCP costs?

Yes. After adding a New Relic integration, New Relic will be available as a provider under Cost Report filters. New Relic costs will also automatically be included under the “All Resources” cost report.

10. What Cost Report groupings are available for New Relic costs?

You can group a New Relic cost report by service and account.

11. How often does New Relic data refresh in the Vantage console?

Vantage will update New Relic **costs every day at midnight UTC.

12. What happens if I remove a New Relic integration?

If you decide to remove your New Relic integration from Vantage, all associated costs will be removed from the Vantage console associated with that New Relic organization.

13. Can I have multiple New Relic account integrations?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of New Relic integrations you can add to Vantage.

14. Will I incur any costs in New Relic charges by integrating with Vantage?

No. Usage data is fetched via NerdGraph and the queries will be applied to the NRQL query limits but there is no associated cost per NerdGraph query.

15. Is there any additional documentation on this integration?

Yes. Documentation on the New Relic integration can be found here:

16. I’ve just added my New Relic account, how long will it take for my cost data to be present in the Vantage console?

Usage will be ingested and processed as soon as you add the integration. It usually takes less than 5 minutes process New Relic costs. As soon as they are processed they will be available on your “All Resources” Cost Report.

17. I have custom New Relic pricing - Will this be represented in Vantage?

Yes, when configuring your New Relic integration you will be able to provide user pricing, ingestion pricing and free tier settings. Vantage will provide the default value for all of these settings.

18. Will historical cost data for New Relic be available?

Yes, Vantage will import the last 6 months of historical usage.

19. What other cloud service providers is Vantage adding?

Vantage is planning on adding support for, PlanetScale and Cloudflare. Please contact with other providers you’d like to see added.

20. I have a request for a cloud service provider who is not on the current roadmap - can I get it supported?

Maybe. Please write into as we are prioritizing the next set of cloud service providers.