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Vantage Launches Overview: An Organization-Wide Dashboard of Cost Metrics

Today Vantage announces the launch of Overview: a central dashboard for teams to get high level visibility on the cost metrics their organizations care about most. Vantage now displays the most important high level cost metrics together on a single "Overview" dashboard in the Vantage console, which is the new default landing page for all users.

Previously, users had to create spreadsheets with several inputs to create a unified view of key performance indicators (KPIs) per account. Vantage allowed users to create multiple cost reports each with different account filters, but never aggregated the high level metrics from these reports in a single place. This meant navigating back and forth between multiple reports to try and compare data.

Now, Vantage automatically displays all of your most important cost metrics on the Overview page of the Vantage console. Every user's Overview dashboard will contain three categories of cost metric summaries: (1) a monthly view of costs for each Cost Report in their account (2) a table view of accrued costs for the current month for each AWS member account and (3) a savings plans utilization dashboard showing the current amount of compute spend covered by savings plans versus on-demand and spot usage. Clicking any summary will take you directly to the corresponding report.

Head to your Vantage console to see Overview in action here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, Vantage is launching the Overview dashboard to all users. The Overview dashboard gives a view of cost metrics that matter most to your organization.

2. How much does this cost?

The Overview dashboard is provided at no additional cost to existing subscriptions, including users in the free tier.

3. What are the categories of Overview summaries?

Every user's Overview page contains one or more summaries. Summaries are high level previews of cost metrics that you can click into to get deeper insights.

4. What are the categories of Overview summaries?

Currently, there are 3 categories of Overview summaries listed below:

  • Cost Report Summaries: A month-by-month graphical view of costs for each cost report created in your account ordered by total accrued costs. Clicking this summary will take you to the specific Cost Report.
  • AWS Member Account Summary: An ordered table view of the top AWS member accounts by accrued costs for the current month. Clicking this summary will take you to a devoted, paginated, ordered list view of all member accounts in your organization that contains the attributes of (1) AWS Member Account Name (2) AWS Member Account ID and (3) accrued cost for the current month (4) accrued cost for the previous month
  • Savings Plan Utilization Summary: See a historical view of percentage of spend covered by savings plans

5. I have multiple Vantage workspaces, will I receive an Overview dashboard for each workspace?

Yes. Overviews are are scoped to each Vantage workspace. You will have a separate Overview dashboard for each Vantage workspace.

6. I am part of a team, will everyone have access to summaries on the Overview?

Yes. We are working on more in-depth team management and Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) features for permissioning certain users on your team to restrict access to certain reports in the future.

7. Will the Overview dashboard be the same for all users on my team?

Will the Overview dashboard be the same for all users on my team?

8. Can I re-order or re-arrange the summaries on the Overview dashboard?

Can I re-order or re-arrange the summaries on the Overview dashboard?

9. I don’t see a metric that is important to me on the list of supported metrics. How can I get my metric added to the dashboard?

Please email support@vantage.sh or let us know in the Vantage community Slack group with what you're looking for - we're happy to hear it and work it into the product.

10. Can I have a Summary for certain AWS Tags?

Yes. Simply create a new Cost Report with your desired AWS Tag filters. Upon creating the Cost Report, an accompanying Overview summary will be automatically added.

11. I only have one AWS account - will the AWS Member Account summary be present for me?

No. This will only be present if you have multiple member accounts.

12. Can I access these metrics via the API?

No. Though Cost Report data remains accessible through the API which should cover most use-cases.

13. How much history will each widget have?

The trailing six months of costs.

14. Why do I not have an overview page?

If you only have 1 AWS account and 1 cost report the overview page will be hidden.