Vantage Launches a Write API

by Vantage Team

Vantage write API

Today Vantage announces the launch of API write functionality, with initial support for cost reporting. This API will enable customers to automate the management of cost reports, folders, dashboards and saved filters. This automation unlocks the ability for customers to easily adapt their Vantage configuration to match ongoing changes in their infrastructure as well as onboard complex reporting structures quickly.

curl --request POST
   --header 'content-type: application/json'\
   --header 'authorization: Bearer vntg_tkn_abcd123'
   --data {
      "date_bin": "day",
      "date_interval": "last_30_days",
      "start_date": "20230901",
      "end_date": "20230930",
      "widget_tokens": [
      "title": "My Team Dashboard"

Programmatically creating a dashboard with two cost reports. API docs.

Before, customers had the ability to setup their cost reporting structure via the Vantage Console UI. However, for customers with complex reporting structures it was very time consuming to initially setup the desired folders and reports and then adjust to ongoing changes. For customers with thousands of infrastructure accounts it was not possible to have these all setup from the beginning.

Now, customers have the ability to use the Vantage V2 API to create a folder structure which matches their organizational structure and create any reports with needed filters inside of this structure. In addition to creating folder structure, it is also possible to update and delete these Vantage resources as needed. Prior to setting up their folder structure customers can also automate the creation of saved filters which can then be assigned to reports. As the customer’s infrastructure account or tag structures changes, these saved filters can be updated via the API which will then propagate out to the assigned reports.

This feature is now available for all users, including users in the free tier. Users with the editor or above role can head to their API Access Tokens page and generate a “Write” API Key. To get started with the V2 API head over to the documentation.

1. What is being launched today?

Vantage is launching the ability to manage cost reports, folders, dashboards and saved filters via the API. This feature set is unlocked via a V2 of the Vantage API.

2. Who is the customer?

The customer is anyone who would like to automate the setup and maintenance of their Cost Reports.

3. How much does this cost?

The API is free to all users.

4. What can be controlled through the API?

  • Cost Reports - Create/Read/Update/Delete /v2/cost_reports
  • Folders - Create/Read/Update/Delete /v2/folders
  • Saved Filters - Create/Read/Update/Delete /v2/saved_filters
  • Dashboards - Create/Read/Update/Delete /v2/dashboards
  • Costs - Read /v2/costs
  • Workspaces - Read /v2/workspaces

5. Who has permission to use the API?

All users can generate read API keys. You will need to be Editor or above in order to have permissions to modify resources with write API keys.

6. How do I authenticate with the API?

The Vantage API uses API tokens for authentication which are tied to a specific user. An API Key can be assigned read and write scopes. The API Key will inherit the permissions from the role of the user who the key is assigned to.

You can manage your API tokens from your profile page.

7. Are there API rate limits?*

Yes, individual API keys are limited to 1,000 calls per hour. Rate limiting status is available in the headers of each API response.

You can read more about this here.

8. Where can I read the API documentation?

The API documentation is available here.

9. Are there plans to add other primitives to the API?

Yes, we plan to expand the API In the future - including Budgets, Segments, Active Resources and User Management. Please contact with requests for prioritization.

10. I have multiple workspaces, how do I ensure a resource is created in the correct one?

When creating a resource, you can pass in a workspace_token as a parameter to specify which workspace the resource is created under. See documentation for /v2/workspaces on how to fetch a list of workspace tokens.

If you only have one workspace you do not need to pass a workspace_token when creating resources.

11. After I update a report via the API how long does it take for the report to update?

Reports will be updated immediately after they are updated via the API. If the report needs to have costs regenerated that process will begin immediately. Any modified filters will be available immediately as well.

12. If I am deleting something via the API - Are there any safeguards in place to prevent a mistake?

At this time deletes will be processed immediately. We recommend taking care when deleting resources.

13. How do I structure a “Filter” in the API?

A Filter can be structured using a SQL-like syntax called VQL. You can read more about this here.

14. What routes have been added to the API?




15. Is the API paginated?

Yes, the API is paginated. Pagination is represented in the links key of every response. You can read more about this here.

16. Is version 1 of the API still available?

Yes, API V1 is still available. This will be deprecated in the future.