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Vantage Offers Monthly Bill Reviews for AWS Customers

Vantage Team
The Vantage Team

Today, Vantage announces that Vantage customers with over $7,500 per month in AWS costs have the option to review their AWS bill with representatives from the Vantage team as often as once per month. Customers can book a call from the Vantage console as often as once per calendar month to meet with members of the Vantage customer success team to review their AWS bill, ask questions, provide feedback and get recommendations. There is no additional cost to customers for this service.

Customers are hit with a complicated AWS bill twelve times a year and understanding it can be confusing and time-consuming - especially if you're nascent in your cloud cost journey. Understanding where costs are coming from or what measures can be taken isn't always intuitive. Cloud consultants typically cater to enterprise customers and are inaccessible, ineffective and/or prohibitively expensive.

Now, customers can optionally choose to book a call with members of the Vantage customer success team from a simple click of a button from their Vantage console. Vantage customer success team members are typically available within the same week and can join a Zoom call to review your AWS bill within the Vantage console, answer questions and provide feedback. Feedback received from these calls can also be prioritized in the Vantage product backlog to ensure all use-cases are being covered to assist customers. During our piloting of this, we've found that typically we can just share how to access certain information in the Vantage console to answer questions and provide assistance.

To book your first monthly bill review, head to the "Support" section of your account settings page here after to subscribing to either a Business or Custom plan:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today we are giving Vantage customers in the Business and Custom tiers the option of having monthly bill reviews with a member of the Vantage customer success team. Customers can book 30 minute meetings to review their bill, ask questions, provide feedback and potentially receive recommendations.

2. How do I book a call for a Monthly Bill Review?

You must be a subscribed customer to either the Vantage Business or Custom Tier. Head to the "Support" section of your account settings page found here:

3. How long are these meetings?

30 minutes.

4. Can I invite multiple members of my team to this phone call?

Yes. You may invite as many folks from your team as you'd like.

5. What is the format of the monthly bill review?

Customers should come prepared with a list of questions or discussion topics. Typically, we ask the customer to share their screen of their AWS costs in the Vantage console and there is casual conversation back and forth on the topics that are highest priority from the customer's perspective. Most of the time we find that there are questions specifically with how to get certain data and information and we can demo how to accomplish certain tasks in the Vantage console to ensure you can get answers on your own moving forward.

6. How often can I book these calls?

Customers can book these calls as often as once per calendar month per subscribed Vantage account in either the Business or Custom tier.

7. I am part of a team, can each person on my team book a call once per month or is this per account?

Per account. While we welcome having multiple members of your team on a call, we cannot support having one call per month per team member.

8. How does this differ from a support call?

Support calls happen as often as they need to where issues with Vantage warrant it. Monthly bill reviews should not be considered support calls and should primarily be viewed from the topic of discussing your AWS bill.

9. Can I book a monthly bill review while in the free trial period?

No. You must be a subscribed customer.

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