Content • Jun 12, 2024
FinOps as Code: Automating Jira Issues

Follow this FinOps as Code demo to automate and create Jira issues from Vantage cost recommendations.

Content • May 3, 2024
EC2 GPU Instances

EC2 GPU instances have been hugely popular due to advances in machine learning, gaming, etc. However, it can be difficult to know which to choose.

Feature • Apr 30, 2024
Vantage Launches API Service Tokens

Vantage launches API service tokens. Users can now create service tokens associated with an account, versus being associated with a specific user.

Feature • Apr 23, 2024
Vantage Launches Additional API Endpoints and Terraform Provider Updates

Vantage launches additional API endpoints, Terraform resources, and Terraform data sources to automate your cost reporting workflows.

Content • Apr 22, 2024
Intel vs AMD vs Graviton: Amazon EC2 Processor Differences and Distribution

As Graviton and AMD processors gain broader EC2 availability alongside Intel, we analyze factors such as performance, cost, and distribution.

Content • Apr 19, 2024
FinOps as Code: Automating and Visualizing Unit Economics

Use FinOps as Code to create an automated pipeline and view business metrics along with cloud cost data.

Company • Apr 18, 2024
Announcing a Closed Beta of the Vantage Reseller and MSP Program

MSPs/Resellers will soon be able to use Vantage to help provide cloud cost optimization services and analyses to their clients.

Feature • Apr 16, 2024
Vantage Launches Additional Cost Report Visualizations

Vantage launches additional Cost Report visualization options, including pie charts, expanded date bin selections for area and line charts, and multi-line charts.

Feature • Apr 11, 2024
Vantage Launches Expanded Forecasts: The Ability to Project Costs Six Months Ahead

Vantage now supports the ability to see forecasts six months into the future on Cost Reports.

Content • Apr 11, 2024
Claude vs OpenAI: Pricing Considerations

Claude is outranking OpenAI's GPT models in several benchmarks—see how it compares with regards to pricing.