Content • Feb 22, 2024
Flink Fast: The Billion Dollar Opportunity for Confluent

Confluent is adding Flink to its service alongside Kafka. See how it will impact the data streaming landscape, particularly with regards to Amazon MSK and Amazon Managed Flink.

Feature • Jan 25, 2024
Vantage Adds a Tag Dimension to Advanced CSV Exports

Use the new Tag dimension to group Advanced Cost Report export data by categories, like individual business unit or project.

Content • Jan 24, 2024
MongoDB Cost Optimization Tips

How to save on MongoDB, using tips compiled from engineers and data professionals across the globe.

Feature • Jan 23, 2024
Vantage Launches Support for PlanetScale Costs

Vantage now supports PlanetScale, the latest cloud provider to be integrated for a complete view of cloud costs. Monitor and optimize costs per database.

Content • Jan 18, 2024
Analyzing AWS Cost Data to Improve Your Cloud Cost Management Strategy

Reading and analyzing Cost Explorer data can sometimes be confusing. We provide essential tips to ensure you make the most out of your cloud cost data analysis.

Content • Jan 9, 2024
Amazon Aurora vs PlanetScale: Pricing Considerations

PlanetScale is a solid choice for a reliable MySQL-compatible database with predictable pricing.

Content • Dec 21, 2023
Digging into Snowflake Compute Costs

With compute costs often comprising the largest portion of your Snowflake bill—we’ve got you covered with a deep dive into these costs as well as insights and optimization tips.

Content • Dec 15, 2023
Cost vs Usage: When to Build a Cost Report That Doesn't Match Your Invoice

Cost vs Usage is an important distinction to make when building Cost Reports for different departments.

Content • Dec 14, 2023
Save on CloudWatch Log Costs With the Infrequent Access Class

See how you can save up to 50% on CloudWatch Log Costs.

Feature • Dec 12, 2023
Vantage Launches Kubernetes Efficiency Reports

Kubernetes Efficiency Reports allow teams to quickly identify which Kubernetes pods are running inefficiently. These reports are a customized view of Kubernetes idle and total costs based on Cluster, Namespace, and Label.