Vantage Launches AWS Cost Category Filtering

by Vantage Team

Filtering by Cost Categories

Starting today Vantage users who use AWS Cost Categories can now filter Cost Reports based on these key value pairs. Cost Categories are useful when combining accounts and tags within the AWS console to create a grouping such as team or business unit. Vantage now ingests these categories as part of the Cost and Usage report and stores them as tags. When filtering a Cost Report users will see their cost categories display under the Tag filter. The key will appear as aws:costCategory:[CATEGORY_NAME] and the values will automatically be populated. To learn more about AWS Cost Categories you can read the documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I filter based on a Cost Category?

In the AWS Filter Set dropdown for Tag you will see your Cost Categories listed under the Value dropdown. These will be represented as aws:costCategory:[CATEGORY_NAME].

2. What is an AWS Cost Category?

This feature is described by AWS like so:

AWS Cost Categories enables users to define category rules to map and categorize costs using billing dimensions such as accounts and tags. For example, customers can map specific accounts and tags to multiple projects and track costs based on them.

You can use use AWS Cost Categories to define custom rules to map to your internal business structures. After defining categorization rules, the system will organize your costs starting at the beginning of the month. Customers can visualize and monitor spend by viewing these categories in AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets.