Vantage Launches the Ability to Filter and Group by Charge Type

by Vantage Team

Vantage Launches the Ability to Group by and Filter by Charge Type

Today, Vantage launches enhancements to Cost Reports filtering and grouping. Customers can now filter and group by a new option called Charge Type. Charge Type includes cost categories like upfront charges, usage, amortized fees, taxes, and credits to help organizations better analyze and manage their expenses.

Before, customers could use Cost Report settings to toggle credits, taxes, refunds, and amortization, but they could not filter or group by these types of charges. In addition, this made it difficult to see the exact resources that were associated with each charge type.

Now, with this new filter and grouping criteria, you can view costs by upfront or recurring fees, usage, and other adjustments, like credits or taxes. Customers can more easily analyze upfront purchases and separate this from usage, allowing them to pinpoint specific cost categories and make informed decisions to optimize their budget allocation and resource utilization.

A Cost Report grouped by Charge Type

A Cost Report grouped by Charge Type

The Charge Type filter and grouping category are available to all customers. To get started, navigate to any Cost Report, click the Filters tab or Group By menu to filter or group by the new Charge Type dimension. For more information on filtering in Cost Reports, see the Cost Reports documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is being launched today?

Today, we are launching the ability to filter and group by Charge Type in Cost Reports.

2. Who is the customer?

Any Vantage user who wants to create a Cost Report that is filtered or grouped by Charge Type. Enterprise customers in large organizations with significant discounts, like the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP), will find this feature particularly useful.

3. How much does this feature cost?

There is no additional cost for this feature.

4. Which operators can I use when filtering by Charge Type?

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  • Is Not

5. Which providers support filtering and grouping by Charge Type?

All providers currently available in Vantage support filtering and grouping by Charge Type.

6. Can I filter and group by Charge Type in the API?

Yes. To filter by Charge Type on endpoints that accept VQL filter criteria, use the following example syntax: costs.charge_type = 'Usage'. To group by Charge Type on the /cost_reports endpoint, set the groupings parameter to charge_type. See the API documentation for more information on how to use these endpoints.